Question: The lights didn't turn on when I inserted my flash drive into the system. What's wrong?
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If the video booth or lightboard studio lights do not turn on after inserting a flash drive into the system, it is usually due to the flash drive being improperly formatted. The automated system requires a FAT32 formatted drive in order to be activated.

You can check the formatting of your drive by control clicking the drive icon on a Mac and selecting "get info" and looking at the format, or right clicking the drive icon on a PC and selecting "properties" and viewing the format. If the drive is not FAT32, you will need to reformat the drive. Make sure that you move/copy any important files you have on the flash drive before reformatting, as the process erases everything on the drive.

If the flash drive is properly formatted and the system is still not activating, please speak with someone at the Help Desk and we'll further troubleshoot the problem with you.

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