Question: The microphone isn't working.
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If the microphone isn't working there are a couple of solutions you can try.

First; make sure that the input on the system preferences is set to Scarlett 6i6. You may also need to select Scarlett 6i6 as the input for the specific recording software that you have selected.

Second; check that the Phantom Power is on on the mixer. Phantom Power refers to the redirection of power up the connecting cable to the microphone to give it power. On the Scarlett 6i6, there is a small, milky white button next to the microphone input that will light up red to indicate it is providing Phantom Power. If the button is not red, press it to turn on the Phantom Power.

Third; adjust the gain for the microphone. You can check that the microphone is receiving input from your voice or other sounds by turning the gain up until you see a green light light up around the gain nob on the mixer. If the light is yellow or orange, you may have the gain turned up too loud, but if it's not lighting up at all, you may not be able to hear the audio you've recorded on the computer.

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