Question: The lights aren't turning on in the audio booth.
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If the lights aren't turning on in the Audio Booth, there are a few solutions you can try to fix the issue.

Check that the batteries are properly fitted to the remote control used to turn on the system. If you hit the "on" button and you hear the ventilator turn on but no lights come on, you'll know the controller is working properly. If not, ask the Help Desk staff for replacement batteries and try again.

If the vent does turn on but the lights do not, keep the vent going, and look to the ceiling towards the back side of the booth above the computer monitors. You should see two light sticks with a black switch inset along the plastic cover. Switch those to turn the lights on. If this solution fixes the problem, make sure to use the controller to turn off the lights and vent together so the next patron doesn't run into this problem in the future.

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